Featured Design Projects

We use Sketch, WordPress and Squarespace to create polished wireframes and landing pages to validate your startup idea and gain investors. As your business grows we create full websites and app platforms to share your products and services. 

Proof of Concept:

Shopping Loyalty App

E-commerce | Customer Engagement

Customers have a hard time keeping up with their loyalty points and requirements for special promotions. When they call customer service the rep also can’t find their unique information. This Salesforce inspired web app is the solution by capturing  customer history and status in a central hub. Status of rewards, special promotions, tiers and points are available at a glance. 

Proof of Concept in Sketch


University Library Services 

Productivity, Business

Connecting with students and faculty during a busy semester can be a real challenge.  This web app connects potential students, current students, and faculty to everything about the University from Student Life to Academics and Research Services. University Directors and Student Council have the ability to send alerts and notifications to the University community in one central hub. 

Web Design & Development in WordPress

Proof of Concept:

PayHer App

Finance, Social Impact

PayHer allows the people in the community to invest in the women owned business in their community and globally. It is a funding platform that matches community investors to women entrepreneurs of their choosing. There is also crowdfunding analytics to determine the ROI of the investments and the progress of the entrepreneurs.

Proof of Concept in Sketch

Have a Project in Mind?

Call us to chat about your startup idea. Even if the idea is not fully formed we can listen to you and use our expertise to come up with a proof of concept (POC). The POC can be used in conversations with potential investors and can also be used to validate your startup idea with real users.