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UX Design & Content Strategy Project

Covid-19 Website

We worked with the project stakeholder to understand the challenges the community organization faced with sharing information to people who need it most. We created wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for the new website. We also created content to highlight the services, book online appointments, and share referrals.

Community Website (1)
Social media graphic (1)

Graphic Design Marketing Project

E-commerce Social Media Marketing

We worked with the project stakeholder to understand the challenges the business faced with sharing products with new potential customers. We created a graphic for sharing the brand to new customers on social media, newsletters, and more.

Training Project

Designing Anti-Racism Workshop

We worked with the project stakeholder from Camelback Ventures to understand the training needs for their Conscious Tech Fellowship. Many founders were new to tech and needed information on how to build inclusive designs and technologies for their businesses. We created a 2 hour interactive workshop to highlight product development, user experience research/design, anti-racism thought leadership and biases in AI. The workshop also included practical tips for designers and developers.


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