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We are creatives, innovators, nerdy, and stylish. We lead tech training on anti-racism, UX research and design. We host workshops, create content and licensed training materials. We hire interns and contractors to make a difference building equitable tech with clients across the world. Support us and shop our swag at

We practice embedded diversity, inclusion, and sustainability. We believe in the power of diversity in creating new ideas of thought from fresh perspectives. Our interns and contractors are multicultural and are empowered to make a difference as active leaders and contributors. 

We focus on reducing paper waste by leveraging digital tools for operations and payment processing. We are always looking out for eco-friendly products to add to our online shop!

Focus Areas

We increase diversity in tech, economic empowerment, and inclusive design.

We lead best in class User Experience research, design, and training for inclusive companies, including businesses founded by women, people of color, and the LGBT community.

We empower tech leaders and allies with the resources and tools to create more equitable products, services, and workplaces.

We create jobs for underrepresented people in tech. Our real world internships and contractor projects increase knowledge sharing, access, opportunity and networking for underserved people in tech.

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About the Founder


Shanae Chapman is a Senior UX Researcher and Designer with a focus in Developer Experience. She is a UX Professor at Lesley University, O’Reilly author, featured in the 1st edition of 97 Things Every UX Practitioner Should Know, and was featured in the New York Times on salary negotiation in tech. She Leads UX Research for Secure Products at HashiCorp. She previously led UX Research and Design for Swagger and SwaggerHub at SmartBear. Her 10+ career in tech has included large enterprises like IBM, Boeing, and MATLAB, startups, and higher education. She is the Founder of Nerdy Diva, where she speaks, teaches and writes on the topics of inclusive design, diversity in tech, and angel investing. She has been a guest speaker at Harvard University and taught at various colleges across the US. She’s passionate about empowering UX Researchers, Designers and Developers with tools to build inclusive products, services, and teams. She has a Master’s in Professional Studies in Informatics from Northeastern University, Certificate in Leadership from MIT, Certificate in Web Design from Webster University, and Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Certificate in African American Studies from Saint Louis University.

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