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We are designers, developers, and educators,  sharing knowledge with our community.

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Our Mission

Nerdy Diva’s mission is to increase economic empowerment and social innovation through inclusive design.

  • By providing best in class research, design, and development for businesses founded by women, people of color, and the LGBT community.
  • By empowering tech leaders with the resources and tools to create more equitable products, services, and workplaces.
  • By providing real world internships for knowledge building, access, opportunity and networking for underserved people in tech.

We are building a legacy of entrepreneurs and innovative problem solvers to tackle issues with human connection, design, and technology.


Everything you need for inclusive and innovative digital products and services. 


Increase user adoption with diverse representation and accessibility features in mobile friendly apps.

Inclusive UI Elements

Build trust in your brand with diverse style guides, color palettes, text, photos, illustrations, and more.


Download resources on strategies for creating inclusive apps.


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Get tips on creating easy to use apps and documentation to support diverse users.


Find and share information on growing the inclusive design practice for your community

Shanae Chapman, Founder

Shanae Chapman is the Founder, CEO, and COO of Nerdy Diva, a proud African American, 1st generation college graduate, Christian, bisexual woman. She has an MPS in Informatics from Northeastern University, Certificate in Leadership from MIT, Certificate in Web Design from Webster University, and BA in Communication with a Certificate in African American Studies from Saint Louis University.

Shanae is passionate about anti-racism education, human-centered design, and emerging cloud technologies. She has over a decade of experience designing digital products and services for corporate, enterprise companies such as Boeing, IBM, Red Hat, MATLAB, Kronos, and Akamai.

As an Educator, She has taught UX Research, UX Design, Web Development, Storyboarding Apps, and Swift at Lesley University, Northeastern University, Maryville University, and Fisher College.

Shanae created the tech startup Nerdy Diva after 10 years of freelancing on passion projects while working corporate jobs. Nerdy Diva was created to fill a gap for inclusive design resources and training for designers, developers, and tech founders building the technology of tomorrow locally and globally.


MIT – Leadership Certificate

Bentley University – Data Visualization Course

Northeastern University – Masters in Professional Studies, Informatics

Webster University – Web Design Certificate

Saint Louis University – Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Emphasis in Communication Technology, Certificate in African American Studies


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