Nerdy Diva Partners with NN/g!

Written by Khiana Rogers

May 2, 2024

Nerdy Diva and NNg Partnership

St. Louis, MO: Nerdy Diva announced a partnership with the Nielsen Norman Group in March 2024. Nielsen Norman Group provides research-based UX guidance by studying users worldwide. Through this partnership, Shanae Chapman, the Founder and CEO of Nerdy Diva, will serve as an Instructor and Curricular Developer for NN/g. Shanae aims to help viewers enhance their skills and continue sharing tips on making technology accessible and inclusive.

Shanae will start teaching the UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner in May. In this two-day course, Shanae will share lessons learned on becoming unstuck and making power moves in building authentic leadership practices, influencing others, navigating tricky team dynamics, and more.

Keep your skills up, keep investing in yourself, and get ready for abundance and growth.”

Shanae Chapman

Sign up for the UX Leadership Skills course here:

Stay tuned about a new course Shanae is developing on Inclusive and Equitable UX that’s dropping this summer. View the course page here:

About Nerdy Diva

Nerdy Diva is a boutique, Black woman-owned business offering world-class e-learning, research, and design that organizations trust for growing and scaling into mature businesses with excellent user experience, strategic diversity and inclusion, and investment in growing their community locally and globally.

To learn more about Nerdy Diva visit

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