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Building an inclusive future in tech.

Nerdy Diva was created to fill a gap for inclusive design resources, training, and coaching for designers, developers, and tech founders building the technology of tomorrow.

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Workshops and Training

Learn more about Inclusive UX and checking for red flags in language, representation, and collaboration to influence change. Collaborate with culturally competent experts to assess your baseline and offer resources and recommendations.

Start with a Plan

Identify your current state baseline, outcomes, and long term strategy.

Measure Success

Evaluate outcomes, track progress, and get support for groups and leaders.

Community Projects

We partner with founders on community projects that are mission focused and making a positive impact in our communitites. We connect college graduates and bootcamp graduates to opportunities to grow their portfolio and careers. 


Founders build relationships with talented diverse tech talent for your projects. Graduates connect with founders in need of tech talent to build your portfolio. 

Create Results

Founders get support in research and design for your projects. Graduates grow your portfolio case studies with real world experiences. 

Career Coaching

We love sharing tips and strategies with creative women founders growing their side hustle. Get the inside scoop from Shanae on how to build a business you love!

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Get to Clarity

Strategize your goals and definition of success. Get guidance and support in creating a plan of action to get the results you want.

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Accounability Partner

Shanae can help you make progress, evaluate options, and will share resources and connections.

Financial Literacy

We encourage women to learn more about angel investing, financial literacy, and salary negotiations. We invest in women owned businesses making a positive impact through technology.

Start with a Plan

We trained in the Investing as a Catalyst program led by Arlan Hamilton, created an investing thesis, and MVP outcomes.

Measure Success

We track our progress, evaluate MVP outcomes, and share resources and opportunities with the community.

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