About Nerdy Diva

We make it easy to create inclusive training, digital experiences, and more.

Nerdy Diva is a boutique, Black woman-owned business offering world-class e-learning, research, and design that organizations trust for growing and scaling into mature businesses with excellent user experience, strategic diversity and inclusion, and investment in growing their community locally and globally.

Our Clients

MO Environmental Education Association



Our company had a great experience working with Nerdy Diva LLC for User Experience (UX) services. The CEO & Principal Designer at Nerdy Diva has a wealth of knowledge and experience in design and does an excellent job communicating the design processes to clients. Nerdy Diva worked with us to define the right project scope to fit our needs and budget and also provided frequent updates on project milestones and overall timeline. We received high quality deliverables and recommendations.

Chavelle Sangokoya

Director, BRAND of St. Louis

Nerdy Diva helped our small nonprofit develop a lovely new logo package. Not only are we so happy with the final product, but we were thankful for Shanae's willingness to work within our constraints and to navigate the many opinions present in "developing a logo by committee"! Proud to say that Missouri Environmental Education Association was a Nerdy Diva client, and we wish Shanae all the best in her professional endeavors!

Lesli Moylan

Co-Director, Missouri Environmental Education Association

I met Shanae at an entrepreneurship event through Washington University. We had hoped to meet her based on her experience in product research and mobile app design – we are an early stage startup. She provided very valuable insights relating to virtual collaboration, product strategy, and user experience. We have now developed a basic product strategy and have begun laying out the initial app screens and user flow. We look forward to further discussions with Shanae!

Dave Brost

Co-founder and CEO, quilo

Our Core Values

  • Curiosity: We encourages a culture of curiosity and questions, promoting ongoing learning and growth.
  • Anti-Racism & DEI: We actively practices anti-racism, holding ourselves accountable, and embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion as daily practice.
  • Continuous Learning: A commitment to never-ending learning and self-improvement is at the heart of our values.
  • Quality First: We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring that their work consistently meets high standards.
  • Tech for Good: We leverage technology for the betterment of the community and are dedicated to avoiding harm in the process.

Our Vision

Nerdy Diva envisions a world where technology is harnessed for the greater good of the community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to create technology that is inclusive, equitable, and accessible, aligning with the vision for a more connected and equitable world.

Our Approach

Nerdy Diva operates on the basis of industry best practices and academic research foundations, ensuring that our work results in positive outcomes and success across various platforms. We collaborate with clients and partners to create purpose-driven organizations that prioritize their impact on communities, society, and the world. Founded in 2018, Nerdy Diva extends its services to clients across the US and globally.

Our DEI Statement

Nerdy Diva places Anti-Racism and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) principles at the forefront of our work. We are dedicated to reducing representative harm and allocative harm in the tech industry, from revising harmful language in APIs and documentation to providing employment opportunities to underrepresented groups through internships and contracts. We actively engages with national partners on projects serving diverse communities. A portion of Nerdy Diva’s proceeds supports charitable donations and angel investments in diverse businesses, as well as providing internship opportunities to underrepresented individuals in the tech sector.

Our ESG Statement

Nerdy Diva takes various steps to reduce our carbon footprint, such as using co-working spaces in LEED certified buildings, and using sustainable packaging for store products. We seek to make a lasting impact in the realm of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices, consistently seeking new ways to improve and combat climate change. We partner for organizations seeking to create a positive impact on both local and global levels.

Shanae Chapman

Shanae Chapman

CEO, Founder, Managing Director

Shanae Chapman is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker and author. She received the 2023 Northeastern University Women Who Empower Innovator Awards for Social Impact and Alumni Entrepreneurship for her commitment to leveraging tech for good in her community. She is often advocating for diversity and inclusion in tech through tech conference presentations, speaking engagements, and coaching women entering the field. She is an active runner and participates in charitable races in Boston, St. Louis, and San Francisco.

Shanae is also an Instructor for LinkedIn and a highly rated international speaker, including engagements at Harvard University, SaaStr, Lesbians Who Tech, National Society of Black Engineers, UXPA International, and more.

She has over 15 years of experience in design and technology for global companies including IBM, Boeing, and The MathWorks (MATLAB).

Shanae serves as a mentor for Northeastern University’s Women’s Interdisciplinary Society of Entrepreneurship (WISE) program and Experiential Network (XN), a unique initiative built to help students engage in experiential learning opportunities with real-world partners. She has also led summer internship programs through partnerships with Boys and Girls Club and St. Louis Youth Jobs for connecting underrepresented youth to tech career exploration.

Shanae is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master’s in Informatics. She
also holds a Bachelors of Arts in Communication, Emphasis in Communication
Technology, and Certificate in African American Studies from Saint Louis University,
Web Design Certificate from Webster University, and Leadership Certificate from MIT.


Geraldine Lua

Geraldine Lua


Geraldine is a designer at Morgan Stanley by day and also an Illustrator and Entrepreneur. She partners with Nerdy Diva for lab projects and client design  projects. She holds an Associate in Arts & Sciences in Graphic Design from County College of Morris and received specialized UI/UX Design training from Thinkful.

Anaya Walker

Anaya Walker


Anaya is a graduate of Northwest Missouri State and an aspiring Storyboard Artist working in the Education field. She partners with Nerdy Diva for lab projects and client design  projects. She was a designer in the inaugural summer internship at Nerdy Diva in 2022.

Dan McFarlane

Dan McFarlane

ESG Strategist

Dan is an ESG Strategist for Nerdy Diva focusing on opportunities for the company to increase sustainable practices while remaining true to the inclusive principles of its mission. He holds degrees in Environmental Science from Saint Louis University, and University of Illinois – Springfield.

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